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Rates are based on a working day of 10 hours. They do not include travel, accomodation, PDs etc.

Costume/Make up design and Wardrobe Supervisor          £250

Assistant(s) to above                                                £120

Art Director and Props Master                                      £250

Assistant(s)/standby art                                             £120

Armourer                                                                  £250

Specialised extra(s) INCLUDING costume.                       £150

Hire of props and costumes

Our standard hire period is 14 days.  Extensions to this period are charged at 25% of hire charge per week or part thereof.  We reserve the right to charge continued hire fees for objects not returned or returned damaged/broken. Full terms and conditions are available on request.

These prices are guidelines only.

COMPLETE costume including shoes and accessories  £120-£150

Set of armour with helmet etc and correct clothing for underneath  £120-£200

Simple costumes (e.g. basic romans, greeks etc)  £40 - £100

Weaponry hire - swords etc from £30, inert firearms from £20, blank fire weapons from £40.

Props etc - a huge range with items available from as low as £1

Some of our costumes can be viewed at:


And props at: