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Just a selection of our previous work to illustrate some of the variety of projects we are asked to do. They encompass time periods from pre history to the present day and have required us to produce everything from 19th century corsets to full sized working siege engines.

Time Watch - BBC 2

The Perfect Weapon - Oxford Scientific Films

Roman Rule in Britain - Green Bay

Warrior Women with Lucy Lawless - October Films

Ancient Discoveries - Wild Dream (Series 2, 3 and 4)

Science and Islam - Oxford Scientific Films

The Blitz Witch - Flashback

Warriors of God - Atlantic Productions

Boudicca's Treasure Revealed - Fulcrum

Have I Been Here Before - Granada ITV

The History of Prostitution - Worlds of Wonder

True Horror with Antony Head - October Films

Histrionics - BBC 1

The Agatha Christie Code - 3DD

Time Team and Time Team Special - Videotext

The Wonderful Mrs Seacole - October Films

Other projects are far too numerous to mention - from on screen work on Scrapheap Challenge and Weaponmaster to supplying costume items for Hollyoaks.

Many theatres have also made use of our services from the Globe and New Shakespeare Company to small regional theatres. We have supplied costumes, armour, weaponry and props - even the casket for the "Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch"

Examples of our work:

1066  Hardy Pictures/Channel 4

Karen Grover, the Time Tarts Costume specialist, was the costume designer on this acclaimed historical drama. Time Tarts made and supplied costumes and armour for approximately 200 characters for this project for award winning Hardy Pictures. 


Ancient Discoveries

A series which is popular across the globe. The new series is currently showing on the History Channel.

John Naylor worked extensively on this series travelling to France, Italy, Mexico, Thailand and Vietnam to test reconstructions and manage experiments and tests. Achieving some very interesting results and making some memorable television. Ancient Discoveries is made by one of our favourite companies, Cardiff based Wild Dream Films.